Solar O&M Projects

A solar PV plant O&M company

We at Verdia technologies, are happy to announce the formation of our solar O&M division, with an ambitious vision of diagnosing the problems and providing expert O&M services for solar power plants. Our new solar O&M division will also provide optional engineering, installation & commissioning (EIC) services. In the short time since our inception, we have already served many clients across various industries.

The Solar O&M Division is set up as an independent O&M company focused on energy optimization and is managed by engineers with More than 17 years Individual experience in design , Installation , testing and commissioning of Electrical systems.

Our endeavor is to work with developers and EPC companies. We respect the hard work done by installers and suppliers in bringing a project into power generation stage and by no means wish to demean their efforts.

In fact, our O&M Division strives to supplement their efforts by providing cutting edge and clinical 24×7 O&M services to improve the availability of the assets.

Need for good O&M

  1. A well maintained solar power plant can perform 15 to 20% better.
  2. Dusty and dirty solar panels account for 11-15% less power generation. Hence regular cleaning is mandatory.
  3. Solar power generation can be optimized through regular maintenance of module connections, junction boxes, inverters, cables, panels, switch yard, transformers, etc. Periodic checking reduces the downtime and many other problems can be solved before they cause losses in power generation.
  4. Optimum PR can be maintained.

Benefits of Proper O&M

  1. All equipment and asset warranties are preserved
  2. Maximum uptime and operations of all equipments
  3. Minimum variable cost of operation due to wear and tear and downtime of equipments
  4. Maximum generation output = Maximum IRR and profitability.

Why consider us as your Solar O&M partner?

  1. We are an electrical company with good experience in installation of Solar Plants.
  2. Deep understanding of AC/DC side work done during installation and hence can identify the faults or signs of faults much faster and in advance.
  3. Complete knowledge of HT/LT electrical works, EHT, and transformer works.
  4. Complete knowledge of DC side works, module handling, module mounting (thin film specialization).
  5. Have trained and experienced team in solar plant operation.
  6. Dedicated resources for data handling and reporting on day to day basis.
  7. Bridging the power generation gap by comparing the available vs. actual power generation data and initiating corrective action.
  8. Ability to commit unmatched resources and staff to multiple locations.
  9. Ability to leverage existing relationships with equipment manufacturers and major engineering firms.
  10. Core expertise in customer service — hence customer relationship and satisfaction is valued most highly.

What we offer:

  1. Our professionals, skilled in solar operations use high level metering, sensing and data study technologies to monitor, analyze and respond to essential events that impact daily energy generation.
  2. By analyzing data against a wealthy set of generation metrics, we continuously monitor, continuously verify the generation performance against performance baselines and financial models.
  3. We identify cause of outages, degradations and diagnose root causes. Assessment studies evaluate each incident and immediately solve to minimize downtime and optimize maintenance schedules.
  4. We guarantee 95% availability of the equipments except due to reasons mentioned in clause “Not in our scope” below

Projects Executed /Undertaken So Far

1MW, Madurai, Tamil Nadu

Organization chart for Solar PV plant (Eg. 2Mwp Plant)

  • Solar Farm Installation in Surendranagar, Gujrat
  • Solar Farm Installation in Surendranagar, Gujrat
  • Solar Farm Installation in Surendranagar, Gujrat
  • Solar Farm Installation in Surendranagar, Gujrat

Solar O&M Organisation Structure
(Manpower subject to change.)

Roles and Responsibilities

  1. We will be responsible for the day to day functions of O&M activity only.
  2. Site in-charge will be the single contact point for customer.
  3. Site in charge will be responsible for planning and executing the O&M activity as defined in the SOW agreed and signed.
  4. At least one shift engineer and 1 assistant technician will be available at all times in day and night.
  5. Any abnormalities at site will be reported immediately to the customer for his action.
  6. Site in-charge will deal with local substation for day to day activities, except any commercial engagement.
  7. Complete documentation of day to day activities with generation report, breakdown reports and maintenance reports to customer.
  8. Daily/Weekly/Fortnightly reports will prepared and submitted in preapproved format.

Service Provided by Us

  1. We develop, assess and audit the site for O&M work.
  2. Assess and audit site based equipments, safety and maintenance plans.
  3. Develop and manage geographic information system management plans
  4. Module cleaning
  5. String level maintenance
  6. Hot spots checking and monitoring
  7. Inverter routine maintenance
  8. Switch gear and transformer maintenance
  9. Primary and secondary injection testing
  10. Earthing system testing and basic repairs
  11. Risk assessment
  12. Follow up and co-ordination of warrantee
  13. Overhead line patrol and pole inspection (inside the plant)
  14. Line and vegetation management
  15. Daily operations and reporting
  16. Spare parts and other inventory management
  17. Basic accessories and consumables like tapes, sleeves will be provided by us
  18. Annual plant maintenance

Not in Scope

  1. Security of the plant
  2. Damage due to natural calamity
  3. Spare parts – all spare parts to be maintained by customer at site based on OEM recondition. We will keep account of the parts used and unused parts
  4. Battery replacement
  5. All civil works – including drainage of site, building maintenance, faults in the existing civil works, will be customers responsibility
  6. Transmission line damage failure etc.
  7. Obtaining any government license/NOC/drawing approval/NOC from PCB, etc.
  8. Liaison with government authority
  9. SLDC Charges or any other charges levied by state and central governments
  10. Breakdown/fire policy/insurance of the complete site and equipments
  11. Wear and tear of equipments and tools of customer
  12. Module failure/degradation/breakage/voltage zero, etc.
  13. Any losses in plant availability and loss of equipments and assets due to force majeure (natural calamities, thefts, dacoity, act of war, lighting, etc.) or due to knowing or unknowing wrong doings by any person other than our authorized personnel
  14. ABT meter calibration charges
  15. Borewell for cleaning water to be arranged

Final Words

Being a Service centric and customer focused company we identify ourselves in a position where our service bring joy and relief to customers. At the end of the day, a smile and satisfaction on your face is what makes us do better, what we do.

We don’t give guaranties or make any claims of improving generation or generating a huge profit the moment we step in. We respect the EPC /Installers /Suppliers who have done a good job in completing your site and starting commercial Energy generation .

We only pledge to treat your plant as our own and to do our best in operating and maintaining the plant to the optimum levels possible.

Contact us for your solar O&M needs today!