Folding, Portable Solar Panels

Folding Solar Panels

Verdia technologies offers folding solar panels also known as portable solar panels from SUNGEN, designed for a range of requirements.

Advantages of the portable folding solar panels

  • Simply made
  • High production efficiency
  • More flexible
  • Easy to pack, store and use
  • More selective
  • Longer lifetime
  • Low production energy loss
  • The greatest advange of the new folding panel design is, cells are still able to work normaly if one of the cells stops working.

Application of the folding portable solar panels

Folding Solar Panels Design

  • Every cell is 10w 9v, two cells will make 20w 18v, four will make 40w 18v,six will make 60w 18v…and so on. Customers will be more selective on the design of the portable panels.
  • There is a connecting plug for every cell which can be unplugged during storage. This makes storage more convenient and easier.


Model SGM-80
Max Power Voltage (Vmp) 17.19V
Max Power Current (Imp) 4.76A
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) 22.14V
Short Circuit Current (Isc) 5.94A
Max Power (Pm) 80W


Tolerance -1%~+3% Dimension of Module 370mm x 262mm
Packing 2Pcs Weight 4.2Kg