LED Tube Lights

LED tubelights from Verdia technologies are ideal for indoor illumination.The LED light fixture can save over 80% energy over conventional lighting systems. The average lifespan of LED tubelights is 10 times that of conventional lights and the lighting system is maintenance free.

The light beam emitted by the LED tubelights is flicker-free making it healthier than conventional tube lights for your eyes.

The LED tubelight fixture is designed for use as an alternative to traditional incandescent lamps in buildings, factories, commercial places, schools, residences and more.

Electrical Specifications of the LED Tubelight

  • Input voltage and frequency: AC 100~200V 50/60Hz
  • Total power consumption: 15W
  • Power factor: >0.85
Color temperature 3000 – 3500K 5000 – 8000K
Color rendering index >75 >75
LED efficiency >70Lm/w >90Lm/w
Total flux 1210Lm 1600Lm
Illuminance at height of 1m 280Lux 400Lux
Illuminance at height of 2m 90Lux 130Lux
Illuminance at height of 3m 42Lux 60Lux
LED Tubelight