LED Office Lights

LED office lighting systems are a cost-effective way to illuminate office spaces. LED lights lights illuminate far more than conventional lights, are energy efficient, last longer and are maintenance free.

LED office lights vs Conventional Lights

Item Incandescent Lamp LED
Energy Transform Efficiency 7% 20%
Luminous Efficiency (lm/w) 15 100
Life Time (Hour) 1000 50000
Features excellent in color rendering index low liminous efficiency short life time unsafty ease-to-be- broken energy saving efficiency long life span low voltage and more safty steady and shock resisitant small size and light weight start without delay adjustable multicolor environment care.

LED Office Light Examples

  • LED Office Light 01
  • LED Office Light 02
  • LED Office Light 03
LED Office Lights Application 01

  • LED Office Lights Application 02
  • LED Office Lights Application 03