LED Floodlights

LED floodlights from Verdia technologies use high power LEDs as a light source that are energy saving. Our LED floodlights can realize 256 greyscale change because the fixture is composed of three colours of LED – red, green and blue.

The LED flood light fixtures use programmed DMX controllers and the built-in auto change function. It is possible to realize synchronous seven colours jumping and chasing through a simple adjustment of the dial segment located on top of the base.

The fixture is ideal for illuminating sculptures, symbols, stadiums, tunnels, squares, walls of high-rise buildings, gardens, landscapes and many other applications.

Comparison between LED Floodlights and HPS

Lighting source comparison between LED floodlights and HPS
Cost comparison between LED floodlights and HPS
Comparison of energy consumption between LED floodlights and HPS
CO2 emission comparison between LED floodlights and HPS

LED floodlights

Examples of LED Floodlight Applications

LED tunnel lights and spotlights
Example: Floodlit tunnel

Billboards lit using LED floodlights
Example: Floodlit Billboards