CD/DVD Replication Line


DVD/CD Production system

The Anwell SMARTLINE-MONO Production system is based on advanced DVD production concepts and processes developed by Anwell. These advancements represent a significant leap forward in terms of reliability, cycle time and process window. The result is short and predictable turn-around times, increased productivity and higher profitability.

A short cycle time makes the Smartline-MONO the most flexible, productive and cost efficient system on the market today. Currently, the fastest injection molding machine available is the Toyo STAD-3, which we have included in this quotation as part of our system. Anwell and IMM manufacturers will continue to work together to increase the speed and the reliability of your production system.

The Anwell Smartline-MONO production system is a MONO line for manufacturing the DVD and CD families of products. It is designed to operate using one injection molding machines and one metalizer.

The entire system is controlled with SIEMENS PLCs, achieving the highest reliability and stability possible. A single user-friendly touch screen interface is used for programming and adjusting the entire system. Optional multiple in-line cameras enable operators to identify problem locations in the shortest time and allow for off-site monitoring of the production process through the internet.

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CD and DVD Replication Line from Verdia technologies

Capacity and format

Format Supported*: 120mm and 80mm diameter DVD5, CD
(with respective mold and module changes)
Production capacity: DVD CD
* Cycle time ~4.5 sec* ~3.0 sec*
* Yield 90% 95%
* Uptime 95% 95%
* Motion cycle 4.0 sec 2.0 sec
* Hourly Approx. 700 Approx. 1083
* Daily Approx. 16,416 Approx. 25,992

* Under process supported by Anwell **With Mold Change