Dye Coating


For CDR/ DVDR dye coating


Anwell SPORT VT-II Dye Coater is a compact production system for dye coating process of Single Layer DVDR and CDR. Based on the advance production concept and process, the system reach excellent cycle time. The system is compatible with most downstream and injection molding machine available in the market with respective connection setting. SPORT VT-II Dye Coater is a highly productive and cost efficient production system that generates maximum return.

System description

The system integrates to one injection molding machines. The whole system is operated with SIEMENS PLC to achieve highest reliability and stability; user friendly touch screen interface for programming and adjustment for entire system. The complete servo design maintains a low energy consumption production model. The SPORTS-II Dye Coater provides high customized solution for CDR/DVDR.

Substrate handling

Loading: With respective pick up arm installation, the system can be integrated to most Injection molding machine available in the market. After molding, the substrates are picked up by the robotic arm to the cooling buffer where the substrates are vertically placed for further cooling.

Cooling: The substrates from molding are handled and placed vertically on the cooling buffer and transported to the dye coating station while rotating. The cooling process ensures adequate mechanical relaxation of the substrates prior to dye coating.

Dye coating Station

Dye-coating cups: The dye coating station contains two separate dye-coating cups. Each cup is controlled individually in operating software, to give wide process window and control. Individual regulated exhaust is installed to reduce dye waste and improve process control. Automated air flow control at the spin-coating bowls enables coating with high temperature and low dye concentration, reducing material costs. Temperature and humidity control at +/- 0.2 ºC and +/-2% ensures consistent and reliable dye coating process. Precision dye dispensing pumps are equipped to control optimal usage of dye.

The dye cups are easily exchangeable. Equipped with specially designed dye supply system, the dye replenishment or maintenance of respective dye cup can be done without suspension of production. Extra dye cups are optional for replacement.

The servo motor driven dye coating cup has a maximum rotation speed of approximately 10,000 rpm.

Drying Station

After finishing the dye coating process, the two-arm robot pick the dye disc to the edge cleaning and go into the drying station which the disc is vertically rotating and forwarding in the unit. The oven has hot air flow recycled and the temperature is controlled by the temperature controller.

The drying units have independent temperature profiling to ensure efficient drying in optimal parameter. Optimal drying program can be carried out with independent temperate setting and achieve lowest energy consumption.

The discs are transported to the downstream line for further handling: disc sputtering, lacquer coating, UV curing, and optical quality inspection.

Dye Coating


  • Integrating with different downstream
  • Built- in Climate Controller
  • Switchable between CD/CDR or DVD/DVDR
  • Compact and energy saving
Cycle Time: CDR 4.5 sec Model: SPORTS-II CD-R
DVD-5R/10R 8.0 sec Model: SPORTS-II DVDR
DVD 5/10 6.0 sec Model: SPORTS-II DVD
Coating Yield: > 95%
Option: 120mm or 80mm

Utility Requirement:

Electricity: AC380V/3Phase/60KVA
Compressed Air: 10 CBM/HOUR
Cooling Water: 8 LITRE/Minute 15 Degree C
Exhaust: 6 CBM
Environment: 22 +/- 0.5 Degree C R.H. 50% +/- 5%, Class 10000
Dimension: L2050 W800 H2150
Weight: ~ 1 Ton (without IMM)