Dye Coater

(from Lanco)

A coater designed for integrating with different downstream equipments to become a complete CD/CD-R or DVD/DVDR production system.

This coater is designed for factories which require greater flexibility in production.The system after integration can produce both recordable and prerecorded family of products.

It is possible to switch from CD to CD-R or DVD to DVDR in the flash of light. If you are going to convert your CD line into a CD-R line, SPORTS-II CD-R will be your choice

Superior Features:

  • Integrating with different downstream
  • Built- in Climate Controller
  • Switchable between CD/CDR or DVD/DVDR
  • Compact and energy saving
Dye Coater


Cycle Time: CDR 4.5 sec Model: SPORTS-II CD-R
DVD-5R/10R 8.0 sec Model: SPORTS-II DVDR
DVD 5/10 6.0 sec Model: SPORTS-II DVD
Coating Yield: > 95%
Option: 120mm or 80mmModel: SPORTS-II DVD

Utility Requirement:

Electricity: AC380V/3Phase/60KVA
Compressed Air: 10 CBM/HOUR
Cooling Water: 8 LITRE/Minute 15 Degree C
Exhaust: 6 CBM
Environment: 22 +/- 0.5 Degree C R.H. 50% +/- 5%, Class 10000
Dimension: L2050 W800 H2150
Weight: ~ 1 Ton (without IMM)