SMART-BONDER (from Anwell)

Offline Bonding system

Superior Features:


Process Description

Substrate Loading: Half substrates (0.6mm) are loaded by the Pick Up ARM to the rotating trays through the two independently operating Feeders, each with SIX spindles. Substrates are loaded from two sides for Layer 0 and Layer1 disc to two rotating trays.

Bonding: Substrates are placed on the rotating trays. The substrates are transported to their bonding station where precisely calibrated pumps dispense an optimal and accurate volume of bonding material on one of the substrates. The tray then rotates to the next position where one substrate is placed over the other and the two are bonded together. Anwell uses innovative technology during the bonding process: Pulse Bond — ensures bubble free bonding. All parameters are adjustable on the main touch screen interface.

Spin Station/Lacquer Coating Station: The bonded discs are transported to two servo driven spin stations where the bonding material spreads evenly during high speed spinning. Excessive material is collected and stored for recycling.

UV Curing Station: A separate exhaust system is installed inside the UV curing station.

Final Disc Inspection Unit: Just prior to unloading, a final inspection for the disc quality is performed. While we recommend a Dr. Schwab inline scanner, most available in-line scanners are also compatible. Production trends and defect statistics analysis are tracked.

Receiver unit: After inspection, good discs are placed on the receiver units which has 6 spindles and each spindle holds 180 discs. There are 2 additional spindles (each also holds up to180 disc) for rejected discs.

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Format Capability

Format: 120mm diameter (80mm on request)
Capability: DVD5, DVD9 and DVD10
Production: DVD5, DVD9 and DVD10
Cycle Time** ~ 2.5 sec
Yield Rate** >= 90 %
Uptime > 95 %

**depends on bonding process and bonding material.