Electrical Works and Projects

Verdia technologies acts as consultants, does design and EPC for Energy Efficient Power Distribution Systems. This includes Up to 66KVA HT substations. We also have in-house experience in designing Off Grid Solar Power Stations, Solar Home Systems, energy efficient electrical power distribution systems that include 66kv HT substations, electrical panels, selecting low loss electrical equipments, low loss selection of cable sizes, special energy saving lighting systems, DG synchronizing systems, improving safety / protection in the system. We also undertake designing of earthing systems, HT/LT installations, energy audits, electrical works for various power plants, and installation and commissioning of machines.

Electrical Works:

  1. Consultancy -Design of Energy efficient Electrical systems , Selection of low loss cables etc.
  2. HT SUBSTATION – design and execution.
  3. EHV Switchyard.
  4. Transformer Design and Insatllation.
  5. Switchgear panels design , manufacturing and installation.
  • Panel boards
  • Electrical Works and Projects
  • Transformer work in EHV yard
  • Electrical Substation Work
  • Electrical Substation Work