Solar Power Products in India…

Solar power is a renewable, sustainable energy solution that is rapidly getting acceptance because it is both environment friendly and cost effective in the long term

Solar energy has historically been revered and worshipped around the world. With modern technology and the ability to store power, Solar power is providing new avenues and an alternative source of energy. VerdiaTechnology not only takes solar power within your reach through innovative and affordable solar products, but also helps organizations set up solar lines in India.

Founded by India’s pioneering professional in the optical disc technologies, VerdiaTechnology introduces in India a range of solar products, including Solar Cells, Wafers, Modules and state-of-the-art products from among the best brands world-wide.

Write to us for on-grid and off-grid solar farms, solar home lighting systems, industrial solar applications and a range of solar products. Product orders, inquiries and dealership interests are welcome.

Solar and LED Solutions

Solar Modules, Cells and Panels

We provide a host of solutions in the solar and LED space. We provide a range of solar modules and cells (amorphous, monocrystalline, polycrystalline), solar panels or lighting solutions — for your home, residential or commercial projects.

Write to us with your requirements or browse through our Solar Modules & Cells and Solar & LED lighting sections to know more.

Electrical Works and Projects

Electrical Works and Projects

We have vast experience in consulting, designing and EPC for Energy Efficient Power Distribution Systems. We have in-house experience in designing solar power stations, solar home systems, energy efficient electrical power distribution and more. We also undertake designing of earthing systems, HT/LT installations, energy audits, electrical works for various power plants, and installation and commissioning of machines. Read more.

Solar trackers, Scada, Energy Storage

PVHardwarePV Hardware and Verdia Technologies collaborate for sales, installation, and service of PV Hardware products in India and the near east. These include single axis trackers, energy storage solutions for Mw size solar plants and utility scale SCADA control.

Verdia Technologies, with its experience in Indian solar market, aims to do large scale installations of PV Hardware products in Indian solar market, which is set to install more than 7Gw of solar power in the coming years.

Trackers:  Single-axis trackers are an obvious choice, optimizing daily solar power generation and enhancing the return on investment. PVH’s trackers are simple, easy-to-build, and cost effective to operate. Depending on the characteristics of each project, PVH has a solution to meet your needs.

Energy Storage:  PVH’s storage systems are engineered by highly experienced industry professionals. The entire product line is designed to deliver the lowest total cost of installation and industry leading reliability, with flexible supply chain, its own competitive-cost stacks and BOP fabrication facility.

Utility-scale SCADA:  Monitoring and control of photovoltaic (PV) power plants’ performance is essential for keeping the efficiency of energetic production as high as possible during the lifetime of the plant. Based on its real-world experience, PVH has designed and developed its innovative Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems engineered by highly experienced solar industry professionals.

Monitoring of photovoltaic (PV) power plants’ performance is essential for keeping the efficiency of energetic production as high as possible during the lifetime of the plant.